Squash Personality

Answer each question by clicking the radio button - Summeries for each area of mental performance are shown This test has been taken from p225 - The Squash Workshop - McKenzie, I. The supporting text reads as follows:

Dr Frank Sanderson argues that understanding your own squash personality can enable you to take advantage of your attributes and minimize your faults.

Given the necessary fitness, the way a player reacts psychologically to a challenge, to pressure, to pulling back to 2-2, to a critical decision going against him, and so on, depends largely on his 'personality'.

Some personality characteristics are negative, such as anxiety-proneness, and others are clearly positive, like will to win and ability to concentrate. The aim is to get the most out of your psychological attributes and minimize the harm that can be done by negative tendencies. In other words 'Play to your psychological strengths'.

But first you should know what your psychological strengths and weaknesses are. Complete the questionnaire which has been adapted from Eysenck's Personality Inventory. Answer all questions sponateneously. There are no right or wrong answers.

Yes No
Do you like plenty of excitement and bustle around you?
Do you often feel fed up?
Do you like carefully planning things, well in advance?
Are you touchy about some things?
Do you like mixing with people?
Do you find it hard to fall asleep at night?
Do you enjoy telling jokes?
Does your mind often wander when your are trying to attend closely to something?
Would you describe yourself as easygoing?
Do you ever get short of breath without having done heavy work?
Would you rather plan than do things?
Do you often think about mistakes you have made in the past?
Do you enjoy practical jokes?
Do you suffer from 'nerves'?
When the odds are against you, do you still usually think it worth taking a chance?
Do you often get butterflies in your tummy before an important event?
Do you like working alone?
Have you often felt listless and tired for no good reason?
Do you usually stay in the background at parties?
Would you describe yourself as a restless person?