County Closed Player Eligibility

Updated: 6/11/02

In order to play in a Wiltshire County Closed event, all players must be eligible according to the County 'Eligibility Rules' that follow.

  1. Players may only compete in the Closed Championships if they are qualified to play for England, Ireland, Scotland or Wales for the relevant season. (Except for Women over 40 and 50 and Men over 45 and 55)
  2. A Player may not enter more than one County Closed in one season. A qualification applying on the first occasion in a season in which a player participates in a county closed shall hold good throughout the season.
  3. Players are always (subject to (i) above) qualified to play in their County of birth.
  4. A player is qualified to play in the County Closed if they have resided continuously in Wiltshire for the three months preceding the start of the season (1st October) and are still residing.
  5. A residential qualification cannot be obtained through school, university, college or other place of further / higher education or training unless a player's bona fide home is in the same county as the school or university eg. unless they are a permanent member of the resident staff.

    A player may continue to enter a County Closed for which they have played in the previous season by virtue of a residential qualification after they have ceased to reside in that county provided that they have not played in any other County Closed since ceasing to reside in that county.

  6. In all cases where a player's qualification is in doubt, it is obligatory on the Player to prove the qualification to the satisfaction of the Wiltshire Squash Rackets Association (WSRA).
  7. Eligibility criteria specific to event categories will be in accordance with details in Appendix A.
  8. A player may appeal to the County Panel if neither his/her county or residence (if applicable), nor his/her county of birth, if the county of birth has a common border with the county of residence, has a Closed event, or he/she has no county of residence, but he/she has a demonstrably strong link with another county. Any appeal should be forwarded at least 28 days before intended participation. This shall be deemed residential qualification.

Appendix A

Under 19, 17, 15, 13 Events
Players shall be eligible to participate if they are under [19, 17, 15 or 13] on the final day of the Closed. ie. Under [19,17,15 or 13] throughout the event.
Men's Over 35, 45, 55 Events
Players shall be able to participate on, and after, the day of their [35th, 45th or 55th] birthday.
Women's Over 40, 50 Events
Players shall be able to participate on, and after, the day of their [40th or 50th] birthday.