Wiltshire Summer League - Mainwaring Trophy

As if all that squash in the Winter wasn't enough, there is also a thriving Summer League in existence, named after the popular Chippenham Team player Ed Mainwaring, who was tragically killed in a road accident in 1998. The League is run along broadly the same lines as the Winter League, but with a few subtle differences.

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2014 Season

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2013 Season

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2012 Season

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2011 Season

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Cricklade Take the 2011 Summer League Title

Cricklade take the 2011 Summer League in a great evening of Summer Squash at the Wessex Club on Thursday 14th July. The table had finished with Cricklade in first, DA in Second, Marlborough in third and Chippenham in fourth and that exactly how it ended on the night.

Cricklade vs DA

The league match between these two sides was a tough evening and it was only a few weeks ago. On that night it ended 4-1 to Cricklade with DA only taking the Doubles. It was going to be a different story tonight - The only change from the previous match was Adam Humphries in for Ian Thompson at DA. Everything to play for with Hyland, Ridgeway and Buckle determined to over-turn the previous results and Adam to bring home the bacon against Marcus. It didn't quite work-out like that for DA.

On first were the No.2 strings - John Peirce and Mike Hyland. In the first game it had been one of the closest games of the summer with Hyland only just losing to John Peirce 3-2. The early exchanges were telling with Hyland in control and dictating the game - particularly on the backhand. John had to work very hard for every point but nearly always from behind Hyland. If Hyland put in a boast then John knew it was coming and picked it up - forcing Hyland to stay up and down on the backhand to control John. The error rate was more-or-less zero from both players and each of the games was extremely tight with nothing much to choose between them. The only pattern was that Mike always got off to a very good start and in each game managed a string of points before John could get on the scoreboard - then John would focus and pull back. This style of play continued into the fifth game with honours even. Again Mike got off to a good start and soon the score was 8-5 to Mike. At this point John's team-mates were ready to write of their chances. Mike's concentration slipped for the first time in the match and down went three boasts to level it. At that point the game changed - John began to wildly whack the ball about in the hope of a couple of quick points and Hyland's arms grew another 2 inches to put in some first class recoveries. So at 10-10 in the final game there wasn't a fag paper between them. In the end John came through to take it 11-13 in front of a gathered crowd (the game on the other court had finished). 1-zip to Cricklade and Hyland inconsolable - letting his man come back from 8-5 up.

The No.3s were next; Mike Stannard vs Nev Buckle. Mike has had the better of Nev in their last few encounters and Nev needed to be at his very best to turn around this winning run. In the first game Nev looked very out-of-sorts. The rallies, such as they were, saw Nev make plenty of errors and look uncomfortable on the ball – late runs to recover often not working. From on the balcony I wasn’t sure if it was deception from Mike or Nev not thinking it through – difficult to tell sometimes unless you’re down on the court. Mike took the game without Nev really having a chance to get into it. Much the same in the second game – Nev always behind, always running from deep and late to try and recover – ending in a error or a poor recovery shot. The third game brought hope. Nev, on his toes and higher up the court, was able to dominate and ran out a comfortable winner – Game on for DA and this captain’s mood started to lighten. It wasn’t to be – in the fourth game Mike reasserted his concentration and placement to force Nev backwards – and, with some great chasing and recovery, managed to keep Nev under control. Taking the game in much the same way as the second to wrap-up a 3-1 score exactly the same as their meeting a couple of weeks back – So Hyland and Buckle both down with the same scores as before. 2-zip to Cricklade.

Next the No.4s – this was where the DA change to Adam was going to payoff. Adam looking in determined mood and Marcus determined to talk Adam (and everyone on the balcony) out of it. If Adam could work his magic it would be game on. The first game was emphatic – Adam just dominating virtually every point – yes there were plenty of errors – but luckily by both players. Adam into the second and 1 game up and DA were feeling hopeful. What was this – Adam hardly moving and Marcus taking the second game 11-0! Adam had pulled his hamstring again (as he had 10 days ago). Meanwhile Marcus had pulled his calf muscle – so the two of them limping about – it was just a question of who could move the best and keep the error rate down – sadly for DA that was Marcus. A miserable game for both players and DA dead and buried.

The No.1s took to the court knowing there wasn’t anything to play for – except their previous game score (3-0 to Tony) and Dave’s determination to put that right. Dave looked like a man concentrating completely and focusing on what he needed to do. Time and time again Tony thought Dave was somewhere else – Time and time again Dave was stood ready and waiting for the ball to put it away with no chance for Tony to recover it. A fantastic game with some great squash and real determination from Dave. Dave 2-0 up and on match point – Tony served it up and before you could blink it was rolling across the floor. Dave had volley-nicked it so quickly Tony hadn’t even moved from the service box. Great play from Dave to take this 3-0 and over-turn the first result. Meaningless here tonight – but I’m sure Tony and Dave didn’t think that – they didn’t look like two players going through the motions.

The doubles was played in great spirit and it lightened the whole evening – plenty of lets and back chat from Thompson and Ridgeway. Cricklade took this ‘best-of-3’ match 2-1 but it could easily have gone the other way – I’m not sure it was as competitive as it would have been if the match was on it.

So 4-1 again to Cricklade and worthy, consistent winners.

Marlborough vs Chippenham

Thursday evening 14 of July saw Wessex host the 3/4 place playoff for the 2011 Wiltshire County Summer League! Battling it out for the third spot were Marlborough and Chippenham, two teams who had displayed commitment resolve and determination during the previous months campaign, which ensured their worthy place in the playoffs. Parking the cars was the first challenge for both teams, after this hurdle was overcome it was down to business, starting with the two captains Kristian Du Cros and Andy Davies. Court temperature was high , ball temperature was even higher, this saw long rallies in the first game as both players found their range and after some great battles the first and second games went to Kristian 11/7 and 11/5. The third game saw Andy position himself more dominantly on the court from where he was able to apply more pressure on his opponent winning him the third game 11/9. The fourth game saw Kristian retake control of the T and after many big rallies the game and match went to Kristian with the fourth game score 11/7. Well done to both players for a clean and fair tie.

Third string saw the eagerly anticipated rematch between Graham Gough and Andy Frances “The Big Guns" Graham got off to a good start playing his trademark volley drives with his customary accuracy! Andy replied with his trademark recovery and power of shot, both players found comfort at the front half of the courts with too many boasts, reverse boasts and nicks to mention. Graham and Andy battled hard, Graham just taking the first 11/9 using his wealth of squash knowledge to good effect. Mr. Gough was now in cruise mode and prevailed in the second, employing those devastating volley backhand drives with deadly accuracy to ensure an 11/5 victory. The third game was Andy's, he moved Graham around more and as Mr Gough tired mistake were inevitable. Andy capitalized on this and the deafening forehand drives were just too much for Mr Gough, the spectator’s ears suffering also! After the break the fourth game commenced , Goughy kept things tight Andy picked most up and the game was another close affair , there was little in it but a few less mistakes coupled with the American scoring format saw Graham take the game 11/7 and match. A great effort by both players well done! "2nd string was now able to commence, enter Steve Duffet and Kevin Lorrimer. Kevin struggled to find his range and accuracy, the switch from doubles to singles specialist an awkward task. Mr Duffet was cool and calm as even, the trademark swing releasing some beautiful shots that found their way into the Wessex corners and nicks! The first game was tight going to 12 / 10 in favour of Mr Duffet. The second game was all over fairly quickly with Steve unleashing more quality shots, 11/5 to Steve. The third game saw Kevin performing all his trademark flicks and gets, the ones that have cemented his stature, being the newcomer to Wiltshire Squash! He was dominant and had Mr Duffet on the back foot. One incredible rally saw the ball travel many times down the centre of the court, neither player wanting a let or stroke, just hardcore squash from both players! Kevin clawed this game back winning 11/7 and placing him back in the chase. Fourth game started tight, however, after a few early long rallies Steve managed to get the better of Kevin with many pressure shots that were just too much for our "Flying Scotsman" Steve took this game 11/6 and subsequently the match 3/1.

First String match was without a doubt the one we were all waiting for! Mr Grant Jones aka "the Ninja" , quite possibly the fastest thing on 2 legs to ever grace a Wiltshire county squash court vs Alex " The roadrunner" Freedman. This was always going to be an immense meeting, and the first game lived up to this expectation! Tight and accurate both players were on top form, Alex attempting to out speed his opponent and not doing at all bad in achieving this! Grant applied pressure from taking "early return" shots with massive " interest" and came through 13 / 11. The second game saw Alex change his approach slightly to try and out fox the "Usain" of Wiltshire Squash , this tactic worked well , Alex controlling the T and Grant moving front back left right all at lightning speed! Alex's new approach won him the second 11/8. Grant had now tired slightly after an absolutely immense effort in the first two games , Alex continually found the back corners putting Grant under pressure and after some hard battling from Grant, Alex was the winning of this game 11/5. The fourth game saw Grant deploy his reserves and like a turbo charged V8 he hunted everything down, retrieval was out of this world , culminating in some Sharapova Esq. screams to accompany the truly outstanding retrieval! This game ran toe for toe , the scores neck and neck one rally concluded with Grant diving towards the front right corner of the court , this left a trail of slippery sweat on the floor and at match point Alex was to fall fowl of this , ending up on his backside after attempting a drop shot . The tides turned and Grant won match point to win the fourth game 13/11. Kristian was tasked with cleaning up the crafty slick that Grant had laid , and after shouts from the gallery of "You could park your bike in there " and "you just can’t get the staff these day's" the court was ready for the decider to be played. This last game was fierce , both players on empty but still displaying fantastic strength and commitment, the rallies were long the shots were tight and the tension was mega! It could have gone either way but the winner of this epic clash fell 13/11 to Alex, what a match , at time I could not bear to watch! Credit to both Alex and Grant , by far the best match I have witnessed in the summer league , amazing and hats off to both participants! This result sealed Marlborough's third place in the contest , just leaving the formality of the doubles tie . Fronting for Marlborough were the usual suspects Graham Gough and Kevin Lorrimer , their opponent's the two Andy's, Frances and Davies , Marlborough were the stronger pairing and as most of the gallery became concerned about when we would get a chance to eat the "die hard" doubles crew battled away without hesitation! The end result was a 3/0 victory to the Marlborough pairing! Thanks to both clubs for some light hearted , entertaining, and competitive squash that was a pleasure to all that watched , and thanks to the Wessex crew of Neil, Ed and Dean who put on a great night and spread!

2010 Season

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Trowbridge gave a valiant effort in their Summer League final against Chippenham, the latter proving too strong in the end.

Chippenham have been very close rivals for the last couple of winter seasons, and look to have strengthened since our last encounter. Boosted by the introduction of Julian Mitchell and Steve Duffet, they look like a tough team to beat when the season restarts later this year. In the 4th string game Bruce Isaac played Andy Davies and had an epic match. Bruce delivered some of his best squash despite spending most of the summer playing tennis! Most games where extremely close and could have gone to either player. The 1st four games went 9/7, 1/9, 10/8, 8/10, meaning it was 2-2 with a deciding game to go.

Bruce let Andy get a lead of 0-4 and was 1-6 down before coming back with huge effort, and some great length squash to the back corners, to get to 5-6. Bruce then took the lead serving for the match at 8-6. He served for the match a total of 5 times in the last game, but eventually Andy who had hung in there brilliantly, managed to close the match 8-10 – a fantastic effort from Bruce who really enjoyed the match.

Rich Elsdon at 3 had a tall task taking on Steve Duffet, who’s been playing since the age of 11 and had experience in some really strong leagues including Bristol. Steve won the 1st 2 games pretty comfortably. Rich tried very hard to volley early in the 3rd and take the game to Steve, playing some decisive winners as we’re accustomed to seeing. Rich is battling an injury in his arm at the moment, and hasn’t quite got the weaponry he normally has, and he couldn’t contain Steve’s racket skills in the end.

Mark McGuiness at 2 played Jullian Mitchell, an over 50s county player and was very keen to make an impression. This nearly happened in the 1st with Mark storming to be 4-0 and later 7-3 up. Julian who’s got great experience started to get into his rythmn and managed to get back to 8-8 before closing out 8-10.

From there Julian managed to get Mark moving around a lot and catching him out with accurate cross-courts from the back which wrong footed Mark over and over. Despite some serious trying, Mark eventually lost 2-9, 2-9.

The 1st string game was potentially one to savour, especially for Tom Oatley who had got very close to beating Richie on several occasions recently, but hadn’t been able to get across the line. He started off extremely well, cracking the ball around the court and having Richie majorly struggling to keep the ball in play, winning the 1st 9-0. The 2nd was a much tighter game, Richie managing to get more rallies going and showing off his renowned fitness, Richie managed to win a very tight game in the end 8-10.

Tom seemed to be struggling getting to the front of the court, and after going 0-5 down in the 3rd suffered a pull to his hamstring and was unable to continue.

So a convincing win for Chippenham in the end, but great effort from Trowbridge to get to the final.

2009 Season

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L-R - Marshman, Bray, Pardy, Farrow, Hyland, Crane, Buckle, Watkins(f), McPherson(f)The final for the 2009 Summer League was held on 9/7/09 at the Wessex club between the top two teams - Wessex and DA.

The Defence Academy team took the honors in a tight match that came down to the Doubles as a decider. First up were The No. 1 strings - Bray and Crane. I must admit to thinking it was all over at the end of the first game when Derek took a error prone game from Ed to 0. "I'll go and watch some paint dry" I thought. I watched the next couple of points but was told to get on court myself against Shaun Farrow - we got started while Ed and Derek went through the motions. It wasn't until I came out at about 1-1 in my match that I realised that Derek and Ed were still fighting it out. They ended their game at 3-2 to the Welshman. Apparently Ed got stuck in to level it at 2-2 - he even had an 8-2 lead in one game but threw it away.

On straight after Ed and Derek were the No. 3 Strings - Dean FB Watkins and Nev Buckle. Meanwhile Shaun and Mike were still getting stuck in. In that game Shuan sneaked the first game and Hyland took the second. Shaun got the 3rd to keep the pressure on - and Mike managed to pull back the 4th. Hyland came out of the blocks faster in the 5th to build an unassailable lead and take the game in double quick time. 2-0 to the DA.

On after Hyland and Farrow were Captain Marshman and Dave Pardy our hit and run specialist. Dave is new to team squash - but keen and fit (which we all knew would cause Neil some problems!). I marked the start of game and, whilst the scores were close, Neil wasn't really troubled. I handed over marker duties to go off and play the doubles because the other game had finished. Apparently Dean had ripped into Nev and created a 2-0 lead - but at some cost. Nev managed to take the next two games to level it - but we all thought Dean was just taking a well earned rest. The last game was tight apparently and Dean managed to edge it to get the first win for Wessex (2-1 at this point; to DA).

DA Winners - Pardy, Hyland, Bray, BuckleWe started the doubles assuming that Neil was going to beat Dave to 0. Wessex were up for the doubles and brought in a fresh pair of legs to take on Hyland and Bray (unbeaten in the summer). Alex McPherson; who Derek and I hadn't seen play up until now. The doubles started and some lose play from the DA duo saw the Wessex team see the possibility of a Win - but what was this! Dave Pardy had managed to claw his way back against Neil Marshman to level the match 2-2 - so may be we could abandon the doubles if Dave won. Before we started the second doubles game we found that Neil had just managed to pip Dave to the post. So Wessex and DA Neck and Neck. All the games, up until this point, had gone to 5 - would the doubles go there to?

Wessex Losers - Farrow, McPherson,Marshman, Crane, WatkinsHyland and Bray had a quick discussion on tactics and took the second, third and forth games to win the match and take the summer title. The doubles wasn't great, Alex hitting the ball hard on the forehand side but it was aways coming off the back wall. Dean not his usual mobile self on the backhand side. The sum of these two actions gave DA two weak points to attack - which they did to great effect. Also Hyland and Bray had played many of the games previously and had built an understanding - clearly Alex and Dean hadn't (both going to the same ball on occasion - funny).

Nice bit of nosh afterwards and a couple of beers - some freindly banter and a bit of ribbing for Nev + the odd phone call - good evening.

Mike Hyland

2008 Season

The competition was won by Nightingale, defeating Defence Academy 4-1 in the play-off final.


2007 Season

The competition was won by Defence Academy, beating Marlborough 1 in the play-off final.

Summer League 2007 Winners - Defence Academy - Ian Thompson, Paul James, Nev Buckle (capt.), Dave Ridgeway


2006 Season


2005 Season

The Semis of the Summer League took place in mid-late September - somewhat late I admit.

I attended the semi between Frome Exiles and Newman's Boastmeisters at Springfield. First on was Gary Dawson at 2 against Ken Aldridge, meanwhile Mark Thomas was taking on Andy Doel at 4. Gary was playing well and pushed Ken hard, the rallies hard fought and highly competitive, with Gary amusingly appearing to chew his racket on the odd occasion that he missed a drop. Ken's speed and reach eventually told and Ken seemed happy to keep the rallies going eventually, with Gary still trying hard but failing to make serious impact on the rangy Chippenham player. Can't recall if it was 3-0 or 3-1, but a good game.

Meanwhile on court 2 Mark Thomas and Andy Doel were having a fight to the death - it appeared. The three games played lasted nearly an hour. The ferocity and speed with which Thomas was hitting the ball was draining to watch, however Andy Doel seems to have bionic joints and legs under those bandages and proved, remarkably for a man at least twice Mark's age, and possibly nearly three times?, to have the legs on the young Zimbabwean. Both players sat exhausted on the floor after the third, for nearly 2 minutes, Thomas staying there for a few minutes after Doel left. Was an Ambulance necessary? Apparently not - I believe he survived.

At this point Julian Mitchell went on against Ady Warren. Apparently a close game in the first, but big JM too precise and strong for the youngster. A 3-0 apparently (I had to run off). Martin Perry lost 3-0 to Rich Holdway - apparently Martin had taken things rather too easy over the end of the summer and failed to beat "whippet" Holdway with his normal winning boasts.

So - the match poised at 2-2 - surely Chippenham would play JM and KA against the Frome boys? Nope, massive mistake - KA and JM cleared off to get changed, leaving Keith Newman to play doubles with the already knackered Mark T, against Ady Warren and Gary Dawson? The Chippenham pair were no match for the experienced Frome doublers, and Frome ran out 3-0 winners, and made the final.

The Other Semi

No report from this one, apart from some report about Derek walking off court against Pilly!! Surely not? Anyway, apparently Blunsdon won this one 3-2.


Frome Exiles vs Blunsdon

All I know about this match is that Fome won it 3-1. They didn't play the doubles as the match was already dead. Apparently good food at the Great Western. I would have been there and reported on it - but I got married on the Saturday before (29th October - see Gail, I remember!!) so I know the final was played on Monday 31st October. I think that's a good excuse for not going along to watch and I'm sticking to it.

So anyway, Frome were Summer League Champs, and well deserved too. But - please guys - can we have a little more detail about results rather than "Blunsdon won 3-1" or "Frome won 3-1" next time? Like some names, scores, or heaven forbid - a match report???

Thanks for all your help - and I look forward to arranging it again in 2006 - will try to get the Final over and done by Early September this time!!.


Paul J

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2004 Season

The Summer League final was played on between Wessex 4-play and Newman's Boastmeisters on Sept. 8th at the courts in Marlborough. Chippenham taking the final 4-1.
Winning Captain Keith Newman takes the trophy
Keith Newman takes the Summer League cup from Paul Jacomb (Summer League Sec.)

Fixtures Team Details Results Table Latest Report Supplementary Rules & Bonus Points

2003 Season

The Summer League final was played on 3/9/03 at the Wessex Club in Swindon. The home team taking victory 3-2.
Watkins, Stanford, Sear, Peirce, Farrow, Leak
Gough, Smith Czapalski, Morgan, Lorrain, Preston
Captain Steve Sear
Wessex Captain Steve Sear Picks up his team's Trophy

Crucial Wessex wins for Spencer Leak, John Peirce & Shaun Farrow with Gary Preston & the doubles pairing of Gough & Smith winning for the away team.

Fixtures Team Details Results Table Latest Report

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