other useful and interesting squash sites

As you might expect, there are quite a few squash sites on the web - some useful and interesting, some rather less impressive.
The number of sites is growing daily - I've located some of the best around at the present moment, let me know if you know of any others that are worth a look at (preferably something to do with squash, please!).


England Squash.
English SRA page includes a tournament directory, results from leagues and other competitions , player rankings and local/world news.
India Squash.
Their main man asked me to put a link in to them so here it is!
World Squash Federation.
Official page of this international squash body including the rules of the game, world rankings, regional federations and a squash calendar.


Avon Squash
Berkshire Squash
Cornwall Squash.
Gloucestershire Squash
Our neighbours and junior South-West League Partners
Hertfordshire Squash
Oxfordshire Squash.
Find out what's going on in our neighbouring County.
Somerset Squash


A new one to look at - some quality rackets on offer.
Paul Bennett's squash and tennis equipment company.
Squash Discount
Online Squash Equipment Shop


As it says on the label!
Have a look for yourself!
Squash Now!.
A squash newspaper.
logo Squash.start4All
An excellent new set of squash links - no graphics so very fast-loading.
Squash Talk
America's cool squash directory
Squash Player Magazine
Squash Player Magazine online.
Squash Fitness.
Scientific ramblings relating to the fitness requirements for competent squash.
Squash Links Page