Wiltshire Summer Leagues 2011

updated: 14/7/11

Team Details and Fixtures       

Team Home Night Start Time Captain email Mobile No. Home No.
Defence Academy * Thursday 7.15pm Mike Hyland mike.hyland@gmail.com 07793 371481 01793 790970
Chippenham Monday 7.40pm Andy Davies andy.r.davies@googlemail.com 07867 513335
Trowbridge Wednesday 7.15pm Richard Elsden r.elsden@virginmedia.com 07818 003991 01373 462621
Marlborough Thursday 7.15pm Kris Ducros crow_6@hotmail.co.uk 07977 079288
Wessex 1 Thursday 7.20pm Neil Marshman neilsquash@googlemail.com 07970 257170 01793 613198
Wessex 2 Tuesday 7.20pm Dean Watkins dean.watkins@nationwide.co.uk 07749 721115
Oasis Tuesday 7.20pm Brian Brock oasis@squashme.co.uk 07757 739156 01793 790139
Cricklade Thursday 7.15pm Mike Stannard mike@whfis.co.uk 07771 897314

*Please have passports or picture driving licence for whole team with you and allow 15 minutes from entering the gatehouse to arriving at the Squash Courts. 


  Home   Away
Week 1 (w/c 2nd May)
Thurs DA V Chippenham
Weds Trowbridge V Marlborough
Thurs Wessex 1 V Wessex 2
Tues Oasis V Cricklade
Week 2 (w/c 9th May)
Mon Chippenham V Trowbridge
Thurs Marlborough V DA
Tues Wessex 2 V Oasis
Thurs Cricklade V Wessex 1
Week 3 (w/c 16th May)
Thurs DA V Trowbridge
Mon Chippenham V Marlborough
Thurs Wessex 1 V Oasis
Tues Wessex 2 V Cricklade
Week 4 (w/c 23th May)
Thurs DA V Wessex 1
Mon Chippenham V Wessex 2
Weds Trowbridge V Oasis
Thurs Marlborough V Cricklade
Week 5 (w/c 30th May)
Thurs Wessex 1 V Chippenham
Tues Wessex 2 V DA
Tues Oasis V Marlborough
Thurs Cricklade V Trowbridge
Week 6 (w/c 6th June)
Thurs Marlborough V Wessex 1
Weds Trowbridge V Wessex 2
Mon Chippenham V Oasis
Thurs DA V Cricklade
Week 7 (w/c 13th June)
Thurs Wessex 1 V Trowbridge
Tues Wessex 2 V Marlborough
Tues Oasis V DA
Thurs Cricklade V Chippenham
Note: for the finals - It is for the teams to follow the results and anticipate a home draw where court booking is difficult, please either reserve the courts or let me know 2 weeks before and I will reserve a different venue.(Neil)
Week 8 (w/c 27th June)
Match a Cricklade V Oasis
Match b DA V Wessex 2
Match c Marlborough V Trowbridge
Match d Chippenham V Wessex 1
Week 9 (w/c 4thJuly)
Match e Cricklade V Chippenham
Match f DA V Marlborough
Match g Wessex 1 V Oasis
Match h Trowbridge V Wessex 2
Week 10 (w/c 11th July)
Final Cricklade V DA
3/4 playoff Chippenham V Marlborough
5/6 playoff Trowbridge V Wessex 1
7/8 playoff Oasis V Wessex 2