Wiltshire Summer Leagues 2010


Team Details and Fixtures       

Team Home Night Start Time Captain email Mobile No. Home No. Work No.
Wessex Thursday 7.20pm Neil Marshman neilsquash@googlemail.com 07970 257170
Marlborough Blues Wednesday 7.15pm Andy Wilmot andrewmmwilmot@hotmail.com 07739 822034
Marlborough Ospreys Tuesday 7.15pm Alex Freedman alex@aquaid-wilts.co.uk 07860 561624 01672 520212 01672 564111
Defence Academy * Thursday 7.15pm Ian Thompson ian12d@hotmail.com 07793 371481 01793 790970
Oasis 1 Thursday 7.20pm Gareth Hopes garethhopes@nhs.net 07920 548377 01793 700617 01793 708836
Oasis 2 Wednesday 7.20pm Kevin Minton kevin.minton@rwenpower.com 07540 404338
Oasis 3 Tuesday 7.20pm Brian Brock oasis@squashme.co.uk 07757 739156 01793 790139
Trowbridge Wednesday 7.20pm Richard Elsden r.elsden@virginmedia.com 07818 003991 01373 462621
Chippenham Thursday 7.40pm Mike Flory mike@walkabout.wanadoo.co.uk 07775 821618
Devizes Tuesday 7.30pm Mark Harding thehardings6470@tiscali.co.uk 07858 813596 01380 722530
Next Generation Thursday 7.00pm Clive Ainley clive.ainley@hp.com 07872 589940 01793 827221
Steve Rosier steve.rosier@steverosier.com 07872 335862
Exiles Thursday 7.30pm Mike Stannard mike@whfis.co.uk 07771 897314

*Please have passports or picture driving licence for whole team with you and allow 15 minutes from entering the gatehouse to arriving at the Squash Courts. 


Week 1 (w/c 19th April)
Week 1 (w/c 19th April) CUP WEEK ROUND 1 - See website for cup fixtures.
This is the final week to play matches 1.1, 1.2 and 1.3. In the event of dispute the club's winter home night is default and match will be awarded to the home team unless cancelled by the home team.
  Home   Away
Week 2 (w/c 26th April)
Weds Blues V Wessex
Tues Ospreys V Oasis 1
Thurs DA V Oasis 2
Weds Trowbridge V Oasis 3
Tues Devizes V Chippenham
Thurs Next Generation V Exiles
Week 3 (w/c 3rd May)
Weds Blues V Ospreys
Thurs Oasis 1 V DA
Weds Oasis 2 V Trowbridge
Thurs Chippenham V Oasis 3
Tues Devizes V Next Generation
Thurs Exiles V Wessex
Week 4 (w/c 10thMay)
CUP WEEK ROUND 2 - see website
for fixtures Matches 2.1 to 2.8
Week 5 (w/c 17th May)
Tues Osprays V Oasis 2
Tues Oasis 3 V DA
Weds Trowbridge V Chippenham
Thurs Wessex V Devizes
Thurs Oasis 1 V Next Generation
Thurs Exiles V Blues
Week 6 (w/c 24th May)
Thurs Oasis 1 V Exiles
Thurs DA V Blues
Thurs Next Generation V Trowbridge
Thurs Wessex V Oasis 3
Thurs Chippenham V Ospreys
Tues Devizes V Oasis 2
Week 7 (w/c 31st May)
Weds Trowbridge V Wessex
Tues Oasis 3 V Ospreys
Thurs Exiles V Chippenham
Weds Blues V Oasis 1
Tues Devizes V DA
Weds Oasis 2 V Next Generation
Week 8 (w/c 7th June)
Thurs Exiles V Trowbridge
Thurs Oasis 1 V Oasis 2
Thurs Wessex V Ospreys
Thurs DA V Next Generation
Thurs Chippenham V Blues
Tues Oasis 3 V Devizes
Week 9 (w/c 14th June)
handicap cup quarter finals
matches 3.1 to 3.4
Week 10 (w/c 21st June)
Thurs Chippenham V Oasis 1
Weds Oasis 2 V Wessex
Tues Ospreys V Exiles
Weds Blues V Devizes
Thurs Next Generation V Oasis 3
Weds Trowbridge V DA
Week 11 (w/c 28th June)
Thurs Wessex V Next Generation
Thurs DA V Exiles
Tues Oasis 3 V Blues
Thurs Chippenham V Oasis 2
Thurs Oasis 1 V Trowbridge
Tues Devizes V Ospreys
Week 12 (w/c 5th July)
Thurs Wessex V Oasis 1
Weds Trowbridge V Devizes
Weds Oasis 2 V Blues
Thurs DA V Chippenham
Thurs Exiles V Oasis 3
Thurs Next Generation V Ospreys
Week 13 (w/c 12thJuly)
Top placed team at home to 4th placed team
2nd placed team at home to 3rd placed team
(If any issues arise as to court bookings matches
to take place at Wessex Squash Club on the Thursday -
home team have option to play at home or Wessex)
Week 14 (w/c 19th July)
Handicap Cup Semi Finals.
SUMMER LEAGUE FINAL and 3rd / 4th place play off
Friday 23rd July 7pm start at Wessex.
Week 15
Thursday 2nd September 2010 Handicap Cup Final
- 7.20pm Wessex Squash Club