Wiltshire Summer League
May-Aug 2009 Season

updated: 5/05/09

Dear all,

Thank you to everyone for fielding a team for the summer this year. Regrettably, we only have 8 entries for the summer this year which have therefore been placed into one league. The finals will be contested between the first and second teams As we are not playing home and away there will be a finals play off between the fist and second place teams only at Wessex on Thurs 9th July. The odds on this being a neutral venue are extremely good with me being captain!

Please find below and as a word attachment details for the forthcoming summer leagues. First fixtures are Weds 13th and thurs 14th May. Please could you check that all your club details are correct. I will then ask Mike H. or Derek to publish on the Wilts Website.

Please could you also note my email address - my old address was hacked into and I had lots of problems last year with mail being lost. Hopefully, this will not be the issue this year.

In previous years we have had winners medals paid for out of increased entry fees. As we are not charging an entry fee, there will be no individual medals. Feedback last year was that these were merely dust collectors. This was noted!

Please note that all matches must be completed by Thursday 25th June and results sent via email to me by Sat 27th June. Only in very exceptional circumstances will a postponement be accepted.

Please can I also ask captains to ensure "fair play" and good sporting play. We are trying to encourage juniors to participate in squash and it is not a good advert to our game when there is unnecessary questioning of referrees / markers decisions and foul / abusive language being used routinely on court. We are all as guilty as each other (particularly in turning a blind eye) and I would ask that referres use the conduct procedure as soon as any arguing or foul language is used. At a recent referreeing course I attended, it was reitterated that any swearing should be penalised at the minimum with a conduct point! Please then report any warnings, the referree, player and reasons for the warning in the comments section of the results sheet.

Have a great season.