Wiltshire Summer League
Supplementary Rules - Bonus Points


The rules will be pretty much as currently on the website. However a plethora of extra points will be up for grabs by teams willing to reap them - not only bonus points for juniors (under 19's) and ladies (of any age!!), with double bonus points for junior ladies.

Teams managing to arrange lady vs lady fixtures will receive an extra point each, making your lady player potentially worth 5 points if she wins against another lady. Likewise a winning junior lady player could be worth 6 points!!

Ladies/juniors playing in the doubles will also qualify for an extra point, even if the lady/junior has played in the singles as well. Don't forget that a lady playing a man can have a 3-0 start in each game (at the discretion of agreeing Captains!!).

Extra points will be awarded for teams fielding a player who has never played Wiltshire Squash before - however you'll need to get him/her to play twice, as the bonus points will be available only on the SECOND AND SUBSEQUENT appearances. A player's eligibility for this will be at the discretion of the organiser (me!!).

Teams not fielding ANY Div 1 standard player will be awarded an extra two points just for the hell of it!! Actually, it's a form of handicapping, intended to make the league a bit closer, and to help the teams who don't have Div 1 standard players available to them.

Win Bonus (4 points)

Division 1 standard players are more than welcome to play. No specific restriction is being made in terms of the number of Div 1 players in each team, however if more than 2 Div 1 standard players are in a team (even if only playing doubles) and the opposition have only 1 or no Div1 players, then the weaker team will get the "win" bonus even if they lose. A team including 3 Div1 players playing against a team with 2 Div1 players or more shall not have to forfeit the win bonus (should they win), likewise a team with 4 Div1 players playing against a team with 3 Div1 players will likewise be elegible for the win bonus. In other words, the only instance where a team may still be eligible for the win bonus and have two Div1 players MORE than the other team is the case where one team has two Div1 players and the other has none. Hope this is clear!! Might I suggest that you phone your opponents to try to match strength for strength - going into a match with "overstrength" may guarantee a win but will not necessarily result in maximum points!! This is not intended to prevent Div 1 players from playing, but to "level the playing field" a little.

To prevent any confusion about who Division 1 players are, I am listing them below!! So, if your name is on the list, you are considered a Div 1 player (even if you didn't actually play in Div 1). I think most people can probably gauge the standard - anyone who feels aggrieved that they are not on the list is free to appeal!! Any glaringly obvious omissions are accidental - please correct me!! This list is not necessarily exhaustive and may be added to!! Note that any player slotted in between two "listed" players will by default, be considered a "listed" player also.

In Alphabetical order (by Surname)

Tony Ambridge, Julian Beckett, Paul Bennett, John Boorman, Glen Borrett, Rob Brady, Derek Bray, Mark Brodie, Ray Burke,
Shane Chin, John Clark, Paul Clark, Gary Clarke, Mark Clayton, Steve Cooper, Gary Dawson, Adam Giles,
Ross Gore, Alan Grace, Ady Gray, Mick Grehan, Brian Hanson, Darran Healey, Nick Higginbottom, Terry Johnson, Kevin Jones,
Paul Jones, Murray Kenneth, Kerry Lewis, Matt Marshall, Rob McCall, Simon McHale, Julian Mitchell, Roger Mortimer,
Owen M-Hughes, Rob Munday, Mark Nalder, Mike Partner, Martin Perry, Tom Power, Gary Preston, Dave Ridgeway,
Nigel Rowe, Gordon Schofield, Martin Sheppardson, Mark Skull, Alex Smith, Andy V Smith, Roy Smith, Tim Slaney, Tony Thompson, Jason Vickers,
Steve Wakefield, Neal Walker, Tony Webb, Lenny Westover, Johnny Wheeler, Craig White, Richard White, Buzby Williams,
Chris Wilson.


In-game handicaps shall apply (at the discretion and agreement of both captains) for any non listed player playing against a listed player. This handicap will take the form of the listed player starting each game at -3, with the non-listed player starting at 0 (normal scoring). Players feeling they will have a close enough game in any case may elect not to claim the handicap - and earn a shot at a "real" victory and a Div 1 scalp!! The handicap should really only be applied when it is pretty obvious that the weaker player is going to have a major struggle - for example, Gary West (NOT listed) vs Roy Smith (listed) would start from scratch - I don't think either player would want it any other way. But Gary Clarke (Listed) vs Paul Jacomb (NOT listed) would probably require some sort of handicapping to be applied !! (like Gary playing with no racket!!) This should at least extend the games a bit, and make a bit more of a game of it!! Handicaps shall also be applied (on agreement of both Captains) when a lady player is playing against a man.

I will deal with the bonus allocation of each match, so there's no need to worry - just submit the match result and I'll do the rest.

Happy Squashing.

Paul Jacomb, Wilts Summer League Squash Disorganiser