Wiltshire Summer League
May-Aug 2004 Season

updated: 05/10/04

Latest Report - CHANGES IN BOLD!!

05/10/04 Chippenham (Newman's) Boastmeisters won the final of the Summer League on Wednesday 8th September at the Marlborough College courts. Regrettably Wessex 4-Play were slightly weaker than anticipated due to the late withdrawal of Shaun Farrow. Had he AND Kev Salter played (as I expected) I think the final would have gone right to the line. As it happens, the result was a 4-1 to Chippenham, with Julian Mitchell closing out an unbeaten Summer League with a 3-0 win over Garfield Leask. Kev Salter stepped up to play at 2, against Martin Perry from Chippenham Boastmeisters. This was a very close game, with games being traded until the fifth, where Kev Salter's superior fitness on the night showed through and won him the final game 9-0.

Howard Wilson had 3 or 4 game balls in two of the three games he played against Alan Homersley, reaching 8-6 in first and third games, but failing to capitalize and ended up going down 3-0. Neil Marshman, taking on young Mark Thomas, was just pipped in the first 2 games, won the third convicingly but couldn't live with the youngsters fitness in the fourth, losing 3-1.

The doubles started with Wessex winning the first two games, Keith Newman and Alan Homersley looked out of it - everyone else scarpered down the pub as it was approaching 10 o'clock. However canny Newman managed to turn the match around and ended up appearing in the Pub at about 10:15 announcing that they had won it 3-2. So, Keith Newman's team were Champions. Bad luck to Wessex, who gave a good account of themselves and were unlucky to lose Shaun Farrow at the last minute, who's appearance would surely have made the match much closer. Keith was awarded the Cup a week or so later at the Olympiad by Paul Jacomb, summer league organiser.

I think generally the Summer League has been played in good spirit, and I'd like to think it has been a success. The bonus points available this year have made the table quite close. Indeed, when all results are in, there could be seven teams within 20 points of the top spot. Parsons Pretenders deserve a special mention - even with huge "new player" bonuses they have struggled to remain with the rest of the pack. A good "baptism of fire" for the likes of Parsons/McGuiness/ Mallett/Calrow/Cohen/Brace, unfortunately the standard is still a little too high for them - but I look forward to seeing many of them in the "starter" division in the Winter League.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the Captains, markers, players and organisers who have helped make this Summer League a success. Also, a big thank-you to Derek Bray and Mike Hyland, who have been posting the updated files on the website on my behalf.

Regards, Paul Jacomb, Wilts Summer League Organiser