Wiltshire Summer League
Fixtures May-Aug 2004 Season
Summer Division

updated: 14/06/04

First named team is the home team.

Week 1 - Commencing Monday 10th May 2004
Weds 12th 7.30 Habanero Hotshots v Crusty Mullahs
Thurs 13th 7.15 Trowbridge Trotters v Wessex Four-Play
Thurs 13th 7.15 Hylands Nickers v Parsons Pretenders
CANCELLED!!! Marlboro Old Birds v Flory's Flippers - CANCELLED!!! To be re-arranged
Thurs 13th 7.15 Wilson's Whingers v Marlboro Raunchy Chicks
Thurs 13th 7.30 Blunsdon Beach Boys v Newman's Boastmeisters

Week 2 - Commencing Monday 17th May 2004
Mon 17th 7:00 Flory's Flippers V Wilson's Whingers
Tues 18th 7:15 Marlboro Raunchy Chicks v Habanero Hotshots
Tues 18th 7:15 Parson's Pretenders V Marlboro Old Birds
Tues 18th 7:00 Newman's Boastmeisters v Trowbridge Trotters
Weds 19th 7:15 Wessex Four-Play V Stratton Strollers
Thurs 20th 7:30 Blunsdon Beach-Boys V Crusty Mullahs

Week 3 - Commencing Monday 24th May 2004
Mon 24th 7:30 Crusty Mullahs V Marlboro Raunchy Chicks
Tues 25th 7:00 Habanero Hotshots V Flory's Flippers
Thurs 27th 7:30 Stratton Strollers V Newman's Boastmeisters
Thurs 27th 7:15 Hyland's Nickers V Wessex Four-Play
Thurs 27th 7:15 Wilson's Whingers V Parson's Pretenders
Thurs 27th 7:15 Trowbridge Trotters V Blunsdon Beach-Boys

Week 4 - Commencing Monday 31st May 2004
Tues 1st 7:15 Parson's Pretenders V Habanero Hotshots
Tues 1st 7:15 Marlboro Raunchy Chicks V Blunsdon Beach-Boys
Tues 1st 7:00 Newman's Boastmeisters V Hyland's Nickers
Weds 2nd 7:00 Flory's Flippers V Crusty Mullahs
Weds 2nd 7:15 Wessex Four-Play V Marlboro Old Birds
Thurs 3rd 7:15 Trowbridge Trotters V Stratton Strollers

Week 5 - Commencing Monday 7th June 2004
Mon 7th 7:00 Crusty Mullahs V Parson's Pretenders
Tues 8th 7:15 Marlboro Raunchy Chicks V Flory's Flippers
Thurs 10th 7:15 Hyland's Nickers V Trowbridge Trotters
Thurs 10th 7:15 Marlboro Old Birds V Newman's Boastmeisters
Thurs 10th 7:15 Wilson's Whingers V Wessex Four-Play
Thurs 10th 7:30 Blunsdon Beach-Boys V Stratton Strollers

Week 6 - Commencing Monday 14th June 2004
Tues 15th 7:00 Newman's Boastmeisters V Wilson's Whingers
Tues 15th 7:15 Parson's Pretenders V Marlboro Raunchy Chicks
Weds 16th 7:15 Wessex Four-Play V Habanero Hotshots
Thurs 17th 7:15 Trowbridge Trotters V Marlboro Old Birds
Thurs 17th 7:30 Blunsdon Beach-Boys V Flory's Flippers

Week 7 - Commencing Monday 21st June 2004
Mon 21st 7:30 Crusty Mullahs V Wessex Four-Play
Mon 21st 7:00 Flory's Flippers V Parson's Pretenders
Tues 22nd 7:00 Habanero Hotshots V Newman's Boastmeisters
Thurs 24th 7:15 Marlboro Old Birds V Stratton Strollers
Thurs 24th 7:15 Wilson's Whingers V Trowbridge Trotters
Thurs 24th 7:15 Hyland's Nickers V Blunsdon Beach-Boys

Week 8 - Commencing Monday 28th June 2004
Tues 29th 7:00 Newman's Boastmeisters V Crusty Mullahs
Tues 29th 7:15 Parson's Pretenders V Blunsdon Beach-Boys
Weds 30th 7:15 Wessex Four-Play V Marlboro Raunchy Chicks
Thurs 1st 7:15 Trowbridge Trotters V Habanero Hotshots
Thurs 1st 7:15 Hyland's Nickers V Marlboro Old Birds
Thurs 1st 7:30 Stratton Strollers V Wilson's Whingers

Week 9 - Commencing Monday 5th July 2004
Mon 5th 7:30 Crusty Mullahs V Trowbridge Trotters
Mon 5th 7:00 Flory's Flippers V Wessex Four-Play
Tues 6th 7:15 Marlboro Raunchy Chicks V Newman's Boastmeisters
Tues 6th 7:00 Habanero Hotshots V Stratton Strollers
Thurs 8th 7:15 Wilson's Whingers V Hyland's Nickers
Thurs 8th 7:30 Blunsdon Beach-Boys V Marlboro Old Birds

Week 10 - Commencing Monday 12th July 2004
Tues 13th 7:00 Newman's Boastmeisters V Flory's Flippers
Weds 14th 7:15 Wessex Four-Play V Parson's Pretenders
Thurs 15th 7:15 Trowbridge Trotters V Marlboro Raunchy Chicks
Thurs 15th 7:30 Stratton Strollers V Crusty Mullahs
Thurs 15th 7:15 Hyland's Nickers V Habanero Hotshots
Thurs 15th 7:15 Marlboro Old Birds V Wilson's Whingers

Week 11 - Commencing Monday 19th July 2004
Mon 19th 7:00 Flory's Flippers V Trowbridge Trotters
Mon 19th 7:30 Crusty Mullahs V Hyland's Nickers
Tues 20th 7:15 Marlboro Raunchy Chicks V Stratton Strollers
Tues 20th 7:00 Habanero Hotshots V Marlboro Old Birds
Tues 20th 7:15 Parson's Pretenders V Newman's Boastmeisters
Thurs 22nd 7:30 Stratton Strollers V Hyland's Nickers
Thurs 22nd 7:15 Wilson's Whingers V Blunsdon Beach-Boys

Week 12 - Commencing Monday 26th July 2004
Weds 28th 7:15 Wessex Four-Play V Blunsdon Beach-Boys
Thurs 29th 7:15 Trowbridge Trotters V Parson's Pretenders
Thurs 29th 7:30 Stratton Strollers V Flory's Flippers
Thurs 29th 7:30 Hyland's Nickers V Marlboro Raunchy Chicks
Thurs 29th 7:15 Marlboro Old Birds V Crusty Mullahs
Thurs 29th 7:15 Wilson's Whingers V Habanero Hotshots

Week 13 - Commencing Monday 2nd August 2004
Mon 2nd 7:30 Crusty Mullahs V Wilson's Whingers
Mon 2nd 7:00 Flory's Flippers V Hyland's Nickers
Tues 3rd 7:00 Habanero Hotshots V Blunsdon Beach-Boys
Tues 3rd 7:15 Parson's Pretenders V Stratton Strollers
Tues 3rd 7:15 Marlboro Raunchy Chicks V Marlboro Old Birds
Weds 4th 7:15 Wessex Four-Play V Newman's Boastmeisters

Note: All outstanding matches to be completed by 20 August at the latest.