Wiltshire Summer League
2003 Summer League Latest Report

updated: 4/09/03

All in all, the summer league has been very well contested. Only a couple of walk-overs have been awarded, which is much better than last year. We'd still like to see more ladies and juniors playing though, so there may be even more incentives next year to bring out the ladies and youngsters.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the respective Captains and organisers for their assistance and patience throughout the summer league. So, "naming names", many thanks to Zane Swanepoel, Gary West, Nathan Morse, Roy Smith, Clive Morgan, Keith Newman, Steve Connor, Steve Sear, Howard Wilson, Spencer Leak, Jon Stanford, Rob Munday, Mark Brodie, Dave "the cat" Durston, Mike Stannard, Tony Ambridge, and last but by no means least, Mike Hyland and Derek Bray, who have been religeously posting all these reports on the website for me all season. Of course, thanks also to all the other players who have contributed by either playing or marking. It's nice to be able to say that I can't recall any serious 'falling-outs' in any game. Certainly I haven't been informed of any such incidents!!!


Wessex capitalised on the home advantage to clinch the Summer League title last night, in an apparently very close run match.

RESULT - FINAL 03-Sep-03 Wessex 3 Marlborough 2

Dean Watkins 0 Gary Preston3 (3/9, 1/9, 5/9)

Spencer Leak 3 Clive Morgan 2 (2/9, 7/9, 9/7, 9/0, 9/7)

John Peirce 3 Mel Czapalski 1 (3/9, 9/5, 9/6, 9/2)

Sean Farrow 3 Dave Lorrain 2 (9/3, 9/3, 3/9, 2/9, 9/2)

Stanford/Sear1 Gough/Smith 3 (15/8 4/15 7/15 13/15)

It certainly looks like it must have been a close run affair, with Spencer Leak coming within a hair's breadth of going down 3-0 to Clive Morgan, and Sean Farrow losing the third and fourth games badly before coming back in the fifth, it must have been an exciting match to watch. Indeed, Marlboro won more games on the night than Wessex did, but crucially Wessex won three rubbers and consequently win the title. Well done!!

I'd like to remind the teams who have STILL not paid the 10 league fee (Shriv. Ringers, Trowbridge (both!), Stratton and Marlboro) to forward fees as soon as possible please - it's only a tenner. (Either by hand to Derek or cheque to me at 16 Curlew Drive, Cepen Park North, Chippenham, Wilts SN14 6YQ).

Remember - teams not paying up will not be accepted into the Winter Leagues until this is paid!!

Regards, Paul Jacomb, Wilts Summer League Sec.