Registered Players

Updated: 9/6/10

The following players have all been registered by their Clubs, with the annual 5 membership fee paid, and are therefore eligible to play in the County League matches.

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name Email Club
Ainley, Clive e-mail Next Generation
Anderson, Mark e-mail Marlborough
Ambridge, Tony e-mail Melksham 1
Ashford, Neil e-mail Melksham
Baldrey, Marius e-mail Marlborough
Ball, Martin e-mail Melksham
Beckett, Julian e-mail Marlborough
Bell, Brian e-mail Defence Academy
Beresford, Steve Lyneham
Besant, Steve e-mail Wessex
Bevan, Mark Melksham
Bird, Stuart e-mail Cricklade
Birkett, Richie e-mail Chippenham Olympiad
Birtwhistle, Rory Blunsdon
Blunsdon 8 Blunsdon
Bond, Dave e-mail Wessex
Brady, Rob Blunsdon
Brash, Steve e-mail Lyneham
Bray, Derek e-mail Defence Academy
Bridger, Andy e-mail Marlborough
Brock, Brian e-mail Oasis
Brown, Richard Next Generation
Buckingham, Gordon e-mail Marlborough
Buckle, Neville e-mail Defence Academy
Burchall, Kevin e-mail Wessex
Burns, Dave Oasis
Burrell, Mark Blunsdon
Cains, Mark e-mail Wessex
Camden, Rob Marlborough
Carty, Pat South Marston
Campbell, Ollie Defence Academy
Cheng, Leo e-mail Lyneham
Clark, Paul e-mail South Marston
Coleman, Mike e-mail Devizes
Connor, Steve e-mail Trowbridge
Cooper, Martin Nightingale
Cox, Justin e-mail Nightingale
Crane, Ed e-mail Wessex
Dalboth, Robert e-mail Melksham
Davies, Ed e-mail Marlborough
Davis, Andy e-mail Chippenham Olympiad
Dennington, Antony e-mail Nightingale
Doyle, Tony e-mail Defence Academy
Ducros, Kris e-mail Marlborough
Duffet, Stephen Wessex
Edwards, Richard Trowbridge
Edwards, Trevor e-mail Devizes
Edwards, Wayne e-mail Lyneham
Elsden, Richard e-mail Trowbridge
Farrow, Sean e-mail Wessex
Fisher, Mike Nightingale
Flory, Mike e-mail Chippenham Olympiad
Forster, Gordon e-mail Melksham
Frances, Andy e-mail Chippenham Olympiad
Freedman, Alex e-mail Marlborough
Gale, Steve e-mail Melksham
Giles, Adam Blunsdon
Glazier, James e-mail Nightingale
Goodson, Brett Next Generation
Gough, Graham e-mail Marlborough
Grant, Rob South Marston
Gray, Howard e-mail Chippenham Olympiad
Hardy, Chris e-mail Devizes
Harding, Mark e-mail Devizes
Havard, Nick e-mail Next Generation
Hayward, Neil e-mail Nightingale
Hewens, Nick e-mail Marlborough
Higginbottom, Nick e-mail Melksham
Holdway, Richard e-mail Marlborough
Hopes, Gareth e-mail Oasis
Hughes, Jon e-mail Cricklade
Humphries, Adam e-mail Defence Academy
Hutton, Dave e-mail Wessex
Hyland, Mike e-mail Defence Academy
Isaac, Bruce Trowbridge
James, Paul Defence Academy
Jones, Kev e-mail Nightingale
Jones, Roger e-mail Oasis
Keeble, Chris e-mail Next Generation
Kemp, Pete Defence Academy
Khan, Rizwan Wessex
Kilbride, Mick Lyneham
Kinder, Adrian e-mail Marlborough
Kettle, Bruce e-mail Cricklade
Kull, Ashley Oasis
Lawrence, Mike e-mail Cricklade
Leadbetter, Ross e-mail Cricklade
Lee, Paul Oasis
Lewis, Mark e-mail Devizes
Locke, Sean Oasis
Lowe, Martin Cricklade
Lucas, Simon e-mail Marlborough
Mallaburn, Nick e-mail Marlborough
Marlborough 1 e-mail Marlborough
Marlborough 2 e-mail Marlborough
Marshman, Neil e-mail Wessex
Mayor, Andy Next Generation
MacDonald, Rick Defence Academy
McCourt, Steve e-mail Marlborough
McGuiness, Mark e-mail Trowbridge
McKendrick, Chris Nightingale
McMullen, John e-mail Melksham
McPherson, Alex Wessex
Mellor, Dax Oasis
Mills, Rob RAF Lyneham
Milne, Shaun e-mail Wessex
Minton, Kevin Oasis
Moffat, Steve Defence Academy
Moles, George e-mail Devizes
Montezuma, Guy e-mail Cricklade
Morgan, Clive e-mail Marlborough
Morley, Andy e-mail Marlborough
Morse, Nathan e-mail Wessex
Munday, Rob e-mail Lyneham
Oatley, Tom Trowbridge
Oliphant, Simon e-mail Marlborough
O'Sullivan, Darren e-mail Defence Academy
Packman, Luke Nightingale
Pardy, Dave e-mail Defence Academy
Patel, Rutton e-mail Next Generation
Payne, Jeff Chippenham Olympiad
Peirce, John e-mail Blunsdon
Pellant, Gary e-mail Chippenham Olympiad
Perry, Ross e-mail Marlborough
Peters-Phillips, Ian e-mail Wessex
Preston, Gary e-mail Marlborough
Rawlins, Jason Cricklade
Reeder, Neil e-mail Marlborough
Ridgway, David e-mail Defence Academy
Robertson, Euan Oasis
Rosier, Steve e-mail Next Generation
Rowe, Nigel e-mail Defence Academy
Sandford, Lindsay Oasis
Smart, Marcus Blunsdon
Smith, Andy e-mail Melksham
Smith, Stefan e-mail Melksham
Spanton, John RAF Lyneham
Speight, Kevin Oasis
Spicer, Joanne Next Generation
Stannard, Mike e-mail Nightingale
Style, Julian Oasis
Tabern, James e-mail Lyneham
Tett, Marcus e-mail Marlborough
Thompson, Ian e-mail Defence Academy
Thompson, Tony e-mail Blunsdon
Tompkinson, Frank South Marston
Toomer, Josh e-mail Wessex
Twigg, Martin e-mail Marlborough
Vaughan, Martin e-mail Devizes
Vickers, Jay South Marston
Vizor, Graham e-mail Defence Academy
Walker, John Wessex
Warren, Adrian Marlborough
Watkins, Dean e-mail Wessex
Watkins, Joshua Wessex
Watts, Steve Lyneham
Wessex Player Wessex
Whinfrey, Guy e-mail Cricklade
White, Chris Nightingale
Wild, Rob e-mail Devizes
Williams, Richard e-mail Wessex
Williams, Simon South Marston
Wilmot, Andy e-mail Marlborough
Wilson, Howard e-mail Wessex